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People Are Still Struggling To Finish Christmas Leftovers As We Enter The New Year

As far as problems go, having too much leftover food is a pretty good one to have. Every year people all around the world find themselves sitting around for days after Christmas trying to figure out creative ways to eat the same foods over and over again. We plan for weeks, we cook for hours - if not days - and easily 90% of us way overdo it. This year, Twitter decided to document the struggle - and it's been hilariously relatable.

How relatable? We're living the dream/nightmare right now here at home. This year we roasted a 15 lb turkey, a pork shoulder the size of a super fat pug, and made over a dozen sides plus appetizers and desserts. We did all of that for maybe six people. WHY!?! It was ridiculous and we ended up begging people to take food with them. We haven't really cooked since because we're still working on leftovers and it's New Years. We don't even really like turkey that much! We're struggling here, you guys.

Yeah - us and pretty much everyone on Twitter.

There are those among us who seem to be naturally skilled warriors. They're faring a little bit better than the rest of us.

Some people are opting to just ... not. We're kind of feeling like they're onto something.

And some of us ... well ... send help.

It's not all bad, though. At least one person is currently sitting on a leftovers jackpot!