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People Are Googling What Rihanna Wore On Their Birthday For The World's Fiercest Horoscope

People Are Googling What Rihanna Wore On Their Birthday For The World's Fiercest Horoscope
Taylor Hill/WireImage, @EternalWomenInc/Twitter

Ever wonder what mood Rihanna exudes on your birthday?

Google what Riri wore along with your birth date and you may wind up ditching the zodiac as a reliable indicator of your mood and personality.

That's the latest social media obsession, with users filling their news feeds with images of what the pop icon wore on their birthdays, and the general consensus is that it's surprisingly accurate.

Step aside fortune tellers, Riri's in town, and her sartortial looks are a tell-all.

Twitter user Shari, a.k.a. @ChipdNudePolish, kickstarted the viral trend, according to Teen Vogue.

She posted a photo of Rihanna donning a fringe dress at the 2016 BRIT Awards and encouraged followers to "Google Rihanna and your birthday to see which outfit you get."

"I was inspired by a tweet I saw floating around earlier that morning," she said, referring to a similar game in which her followers googled Beyonce. So she thought she would make Rihanna the star figure of her celestial inspiration.

On February 20th, the "Love on the Brain" singer will turn 30.

"With Rihanna's birthday on the horizon, I figured why not!" said Shari.

Fans enthusiastically heeded the call and invoked Rihanna for their astrological fix.

Is your birthday vibe going to be fierce? Signs point to yaasss!

Shari's initial tweet received over 5K likes as of this writing, and the 25-year-old told the teen magazine that she didn't expect her challenge would go viral. But she's loving the responses.

"It's a tad bit overwhelming. I was just sitting on my couch watching the responses just roll it. I loved seeing everyone's outfits and responses!"

People love being aligned with the Rihanna sign.

The results are startlingly on point, especially for this user.

The challenge doesn't discriminate gender, but it might be an "outlook not so good" situation.

When Teen Vogue asked how Shari would react if Rihanna responded to her tweet, she said, "Of course, no one would hear the last of it. Rihanna, if you see this.....I LOVE YOU! P.S. Where's the album?!!!"

Now wouldn't that be fierce? It is decidedly so.