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Guy Who Said 'F-ck Your Mask' While Partying Hard On Fire Island Has Been Kicked Out Of His Parents' House

Guy Who Said 'F-ck Your Mask' While Partying Hard On Fire Island Has Been Kicked Out Of His Parents' House

Over this past Fourth of July weekend, most Americans celebrated by keeping to themselves and social distancing as cases of the virus have continued to grow throughout the United States.

On Fire Island, however, social media posts reveal thousands of people were partying together without any precautions, completely disregarding the advice of health officials.

Some social media posts by revelers even stated they had the viral pathogen behind the global pandemic.

One viral post showed throngs of shirtless party-goers in close proximity.

The poster, Giancarlo Albanese, accompanied his image with this caption:

"F*ck Your mask. F*ck your social distancing."
"F*ck your vaccine. F*ck your eugenics."
"Kiss my a**hole if you think I'm an a**."

Here is the image he shared to both Instagram and Twitter:


Many were outraged at the photo which showed people not only putting themselves in danger, but putting anyone who might subsequently come in contact with them in danger as well.

It was later revealed Giancarlo Albanese—who posted the photo—lives with his parents who are both immunocompromised.

His mother is currently receiving chemotherapy.

His father is recovering from open-heart surgery.

This places them both at extremely high risk.

Fortunately, it seems Albanese has been kicked out of their house.

Someone claiming to be Albanese's brother responded to his posts, saying:

"Find a new home because you're not welcome at the one you currently live at."
"Complete disrespect for Mom & Dad's lives, both who are very weak. Mom has chemo on Friday and you're out doing this sh*t?"
"Go live on your own and not under your parent's roof where you can do whatever you like."

Twitter thought Albanese had gotten exactly what he deserved.

In the meantime, many people in the LGBTQ community made it clear they did not condone the unsafe images from Fire Island.

Safety should still be most people's primary concern as the global pandemic continues throughout the world.