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Marvel Star Oscar Isaac Rips Disney For Not Condemning 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Sooner: 'It's Insane'

Marvel Star Oscar Isaac Rips Disney For Not Condemning 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Sooner: 'It's Insane'
Jesse Grant/Getty Images/Disney

Earlier this week, employees of the Walt Disney Company participated in a protest of the company’s lackluster response and it’s tacit support of the Florida Republican sponsored so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Oscar Isaac, who starred in Disney’s Star Wars sequels and is playing the lead character in the upcoming Moon Knight series on Disney+, added his voice to those speaking out.

He said in no uncertain terms that the company needs to try and stop this legislation.

In an interview with Varietywhile promoting his new Moon Knight series, Isaac was asked about his thoughts on the officially titled Parental Rights in Education bill. While proponents argue that the bill is meant to protect children and keep parents informed, it’s also so vaguely worded that it could be used to eliminate any discussion of LGBTQ+ issues in school.

Asked to comment about the bill, Isaac said:

“I guess my comment would be: gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gayyyyyy!”

Isaac started singing the word ‘gay’ in apparent defiance of the bill’s nickname—the Don’t Say Gay bill.

Isaac continued:

“Yeah, it's an absolutely ridiculous law. It's insane. It's insanity.”
“And I hope that Disney as a company comes out as forcefully as possible against this idea. It's astounding that it even exists in this country.”

Fans online were ecstatic Isaac would take a hard stance against the bill.

Disney has come under fire after it was revealed they had donated tens of thousands of dollars to politicians responsible for the bill. After initial outcry, and a failed statement claiming they were politically neutral since, Disney took the step of stopping all political donations.

Bob Chapek, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, sent an internal memo apologizing to employees for his failed response:

“I missed the mark in this case but am an ally you can count on—and I will be an outspoken champion for the protections, visibility and opportunity you deserve.”

Chapek has promised donations to activists fighting similar anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in other states.

However, considering the pull Disney has in Florida, being one of the top employers in the state and their theme park bringing in billions in state tax revenue, one would think they’d have more sway.

This is why employees staged the walkout and Isaac insisted the company do better.

Isaac hasn’t been exactly subtle of his support for more gay representation. He had spoken positively of a romantic pairing of his character, Poe Dameron and John Boyega’s Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, though Disney vetoed the idea.

And his current outspoken protests about the bill are helping to pin down the company to take action.

Isaac isn’t the only Disney actor to call out the company.

Raven Simone joined the employee walkout during filming for her show Raven’s Home.

Gabrielle Union, who stars in the Cheaper by the Dozen remake series for Disney+, subtly ripped Disney for its complacent support of the bill.