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Former Obama Health Official Lays Out How US Could 'Virtually Eliminate' Virus In A Matter Of Weeks

Former Obama Health Official Lays Out How US Could 'Virtually Eliminate' Virus In A Matter Of Weeks
Al Drago/Getty Images, Andy Slavitt/Twitter

President Barack Obama's former administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Andy Slavitt, took to Twitter in an epic thread describing how we could end the virus at any time.

The thread, which detailed the steps every other developed nation has already taken, quickly went viral.

Slavitt described how countless other countries have managed to control the virus while the United States has settled for inadequate measures.

America's refusal to grasp the danger of its situation has resulted in countless avoidable deaths.

Slavitt then detailed exactly what the United States should be doing.

Now more than ever, America should be acting decisively.

The process of defeating the pandemic may not be easy, but people's total hardship would be lessened over time.

The results of Slavitt's plan would be profound.

Of course, Slavitt also knew how many conservative Americans would react to these necessary steps.

But the ire of overreacting citizens would be worth it.

Within a matter of weeks, the pandemic would be effectively ended in the United States.

America would then face an abundance of the many supplies it's struggled to find for months.

Of course, America would still need to be vigilant, but the worst would be behind us.

What would a responsible country look like moving forward?

Slavitt concluded his thread by saying the major barrier keeping us from an effective pandemic response was leadership.

As Slavitt wrote to begin his thread, the United States could end the pandemic whenever it likes.