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Oasis Frontman Liam Gallagher Posts Photo Of His Banged Up Face After Falling Out Of Helicopter

Britta Pedersen/picture alliance via Getty Images

Former Oasis lead, Liam Gallagher, injured himself over the weekend when he frighteningly fell out of a helicopter somewhere near Seaclose Park in Newport, England.

Gallagher, who is thankfully alive and well after the incident, posted a photo of his bruised and banged up face following treatment for his injuries.

"So check this out, I fell out the helicopter last night," Gallagher began.

"Who said RnR [Rock n Roll] is dead," he finished. "Keith Moon eat your drum skin out. C'mon you know."

Gallagher appears to be okay, aside from the minor wounds he is sporting on his face.

Immediately after posting the photo, Gallagher followed up with a photo of a beer and a platitude:

Unfortunately, as a result of his accident, Gallagher was forced to cancel his Belfast performance as the injury to his nose left him unable to sing.

Oasis, Gallagher's former band, was active up until 2009.

They were most famous for their 1995 song "Wonderwall," which has taken on a meme life of its own.

We wish Mr. Gallagher a speedy recovery and a quick return to making music.