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Far-Right News Host Throws Tantrum Over New 'Inclusive' Purple M&M: 'Maybe It's Transgender'

Far-Right News Host Throws Tantrum Over New 'Inclusive' Purple M&M: 'Maybe It's Transgender'
OAN; M&M's Chocolate/YouTube

There are plenty of actual problems to focus on nowadays, but the right has chosen to focus on the color of M&M's.


The candy company recently announced it is adding a purple M&M to its lineup of candy colors which until now included every color of the rainbow except purple. There's even a brown M&M so adding a purple one only makes sense, right?

Unless you're a conservative like Dan Ball—one of the hosts of right-wing propaganda network One America News (OAN). He went on a rant on-air about the new purple M&M because he thinks the animated purple M&M character is transgender.

He's concerned the genitals of a piece of candy don't match their gender identity.


This is because the candy company said the purple M&M character represents "inclusivity" and "acceptance."

Which are fightin' words for the far-right who for whatever reason find basic human decency or just minding your own business to be offensive.

Ball said:

"M&M's, you know, the candy we all grew up eating? Well they released their brand new character in over a decade, and the brand new character is PURPLE M&M!"

You mean the new M&M is... a color‽‽


Ball went on to say:

"Which is supposed to represent inclusivity and acceptance."
"I think it's a female character, but I'm pretty sure they haven't said."

Ball then whispered:

"Maybe it's transgender."

Or maybe it's just an M&M.

This all happened while the chyron screamed:


How so?

What is woke about *a color*?

Maybe because the different shades get along?


You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Anyway Ball needn't have worried about any of this because M&M's made a splashy video introducing the purple M&M and she's definitely...

Just a purple M&M.

Purple M&M - “I’m just gonna be me”

She's not transgender, to our knowledge.

She's not even gay, as far as we can tell. She's—and we cannot stress this enough—just an M&M with a bit of a nerdy musical theater streak. That's it.

On Twitter, people could only roll their eyes at Ball's tirade.

What would these people do if they ever faced an actual moment of oppression or adversity?

The mind reels to even think of it.