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Newt Gingrich Tried To Blast The 'Totally Dishonest' Liberal Media For Spreading Coronavirus Misinformation That He, Himself, Actually Helped Spread

Newt Gingrich continues to voice his opinions on national matters long after his time in Congress has come to an end.

As COVID-19 began to spread in the United States, the former Speaker of the House was among the many conservative pundits who downplayed the threat to protect the President from any political fallout.

Now, however, after President Trump has declared a national emergency and large portions of the country are shut down to attempt to slow the spread of the disease, Gingrich is singing a different song.

Who is to blame now?

The "liberal" news outlets who got the news right but failed to earn Gingrich's trust.

Twitter was more than happy to point out to Gingrich how he himself had actually been a cause of conservatives' disbelief.

In fact, denying consensuses among scientists has long been a tentpole of the Gingrich political philosophy.

If Gingrich wasn't aware how many people took note of his misinformation spreading, he is now.

And Gingrich isn't alone in his double talk when it comes to COVID-19.

It almost seems like Newt Gingrich will say anything to place blame on Democrats.

But then, that was his trademark move in Congress too.

The federal government wasted valuable weeks doing nothing to prepare as the Novel Coronavirus spread while people like Newt Gingrich pointed fingers at the left for creating a "hoax."

Now he wants people to think of him as the good guy.

People won't forget what you said at this moment in history, Newt. You may have thought you were simply making the best political moves, but ignorance about this deadly virus may have very well put real lives in danger.

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