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Naomi Campbell Decided She Wasn't Taking Any Chances And Wore A Full Hazmat Suit To The Airport

Naomi Campbell Decided She Wasn't Taking Any Chances And Wore A Full Hazmat Suit To The Airport
Vittorio Zunino Celotto via Getty Images

Who ever said a hazmat suit that covers every inch of your body except your eyes can't look good?

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has people asking just that question.

The coronavirus has swept across the entire globe. Every day yields more confirmed cases and additional deaths, with concentrations of those statistics varying by country.

With over 118,000 cases now confirmed and over 4,000 deaths reported, it's no surprise that people are beginning to panic a little bit.

For British supermodel Naomi Campbell, panic struck in the most on-brand way imaginable. Outfit changes, a trove of accessories and play-by-play Instagram documentation were all characteristically involved in her recent airline travel experience.

She set the tone with her initial post, done up in a full-on hazmat suit before leaving her car to enter the airport.

Notice how Campbell, a consummate professional, still managed to use a hood and mask to frame her face.

Campbell then moved on into the airport, took her flight and got herself out of there, capturing every phase of the journey in a three-part post.

Campbell captioned the post with the promise of even more content around the sci-fi themed trip.

"Full video coming on my YouTube soon..."

The internet lobbed back all kinds of responses to Campbell.

Some really locked in to the already mentioned seamless fashion element.

Some, though, did not appreciate Campbell being so silly around a serious viral threat like COVID-19.



A few tweets recalled that this kind germ safety behavior is hardly coming out of nowhere for Campbell.

These last tweets bring up a particularly popular YouTube video Naomi Campbell posted back when COVID-19 was only a glimmer in the world's eye.

In July 2019, Campbell walked Youtube fans through her typical airplane sanitization routine.

Even back when most of us were way more chill about germs there was Naomi, getting wild with wipes.

Thus, Campbell was merely sticking to her guns as she stepped up her anti-pathogen game this time around.