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Nancy Pelosi Just Threw Serious Shade At Trump By Explaining The Definition Of 'Exculpatory'

Public hearings in President Trump's impeachment inquiry began on Wednesday, November 13.

Most media outlets seem to agree things aren't looking too good for the Donald.

Democrats carefully laid out many pieces of evidence suggesting President Trump used the powers of the presidency for his own political gain at the expense of our allies overseas. Republicans, in response, offered few, if any, arguments of substance.

After such a tour-de-force, Nancy Pelosi couldn't help but throw some victory shade at Donald Trump during a press conference the next day.

During her press conference, Pelosi went out of her way to define "exculpatory" for President Trump, knowing it's a little beyond his vocabulary reach.

Twitter couldn't believe they'd just witnessed such an epic roasting.

Donald Trump's reputation has had a VERY bad day.

Nancy Pelosi has been an absolute hero to many since taking control of the House in 2018.

The look at the camera was especially devastating.

Sorry President Trump...

Giphy doesn't look like things are going to be getting easier for you anytime soon.

The book To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment is available here.