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Muslim Man Shares The Way His Jewish Co-Worker Treats Him Every Day To Make A Beautiful Point


A Muslim man named Umar Patel's tweets have gone viral after he shared the way his Jewish coworker treats him each day at the office.

Let's just say that in a world with a 24-hour news cycle that seems to trumpet bad news on a loop, we could use a little bit of a pick-me-up and a reminder that the world is, in fact, populated by many kind, caring people.

We don't blame you if you thought Umar's first tweet indicated this story might veer off in the opposite direction.

But let your fears be allayed.

Instead, we were presented with a story about consideration...

...and kindness for others.

Umar closed out his story with the following:

People certainly had messages they wished to relay.

"I first noticed Elliot was nicer than others when I'd mention halal/haram (lawful/unlawful) and he knew exactly what I meant. Even times when a few of my coworkers would go to a meat deli at lunch or for beers, he knew not to invite me because he knew I'd say no."

Umar Patel told Bored Panda in November:

"Elliot was knowledgeable on Islam to a high degree. Over time, it became more apparent that he genuinely cares about others and looks out for their best interests."

We know we've definitely come away from this story with a smile on our faces!