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Someone Asked Which Movies We'd Love To See The Muppets Replace The Humans In—And The Responses Are Genius

CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images, Universal Pictures/Getty Images, @AdamsGlyn/twitter

There's two kinds of movies: Muppet movies and flawed movies. This Sunday, July 15, a Twitter thread fixing this problem went viral, posing a question to internet users everywhere: if you could replace the actors in a movie with The Muppets, which movie would it be?

The rules stipulate you may keep one non-Muppet actor in your movie.

Twitter quickly demonstrated a deep-seated love for Alan Rickman.

But other contenders also shoved their way forward...

Some ideas worked on multiple levels!

Would fans love the changes or hate them?

Even if their acting skills are lacking, the Muppets can win anyone over with a good pun.

Of course, if a movie had a breakout part, that actor HAS to stay.

Some pitches bent the rules of the question a little bit...

Others were simply too good to ignore.

Thankfully, it looks like Jim Henson and Co. are way ahead of us!

Take note, Hollywood: If you insist on sequels and remakes, let's fill them with Muppets!

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