Mom's Unhinged Facebook Rant About Banning 'Childless Millennials' From Disney World Ignites Fiery Debate

John Greim/Getty Images, @JenKatWrites/Twitter, @ftdtlondon/Twitter

A so-called "wild mommy" post has gone viral, thanks to a viral tweet.

The Facebook post's original critic, Twitter user @JenKatWrites, posted the rant on their timeline, prompting a wide variety of responses.

The mother in question seemed very fired-up regarding whether or not "childless couples" should be allowed at Disneyworld—an amusement park that she claims is exclusively for families.

"DW is a FAMILY amusement park!!!" the original Facebook post reads.


The mother's attitude clearly shows that she cares quite a bit about other people experiencing fun at a theme park. She even goes on to imply that Disneyworld is reserved for mothers to have a bad time.

The mother claimed millennials will never experience the "EXHAUSTION" of chasing their misbehaving child around the park and getting stares from others, who assume she is a "BAD MOTHER".


This is apparently what Disney is meant for.

In fact, she even goes on a slut-shaming tirade, going into detail about how a millennial with "SLUTTY shorts" bought a pretzel that was clearly destined for the woman's three-year-old son.

"People without children should be BANNED!!!! Mothers with children should be allowed to skip ALL THE LINE!!!"

The post was discovered by @JenKatWrites, who criticized the angry mother's post.

"This is my new favorite wild mommy post. It's me, the millennial slut who just goes to Disney World to make children cry."

She continued the ask questions for several more Tweets, like why someone would bring a three-year-old to Disney in the first place.

The Tweet prompted several responses, most of which side with the "millennial sluts".


Guess this is just another thing that the millennials have "ruined".

They may as well start serving avocado toast at Disneyworld.


Disney travel guides include those specifically for people traveling without children. And it's not just a millennial thing. Many empty nesters are returning to Disney to enjoy it without kids in tow. The book Adulting in Disney: A Grown-Up's Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Playing in Walt Disney World, available here, offers tips and tricks for enjoying Disney as an adult.

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