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New Mom Sparks Debate After Calling Out Babysitter For Falling Asleep While Watching Her Baby

New Mom Sparks Debate After Calling Out Babysitter For Falling Asleep While Watching Her Baby

The first time new parents go out without their baby is always a little bit stressful. It's even more stressful if the baby is being left with a non-family babysitter for the first time.

New mom Danielle Mitchell was nervous about her first date night out leaving her son with a sitter, but they worked out a system everyone was comfortable with.

But the babysitters deviation from that system made Danielle so uncomfortable she cut her date night short.

The babysitter showed up as planned and rocked the ten month old baby to sleep before Danielle and her husband left.

Knowing she wouldn't have much to actually do unless the baby woke up, the sitter brought along an ebook.

There were cameras throughout the house that could be monitored from an app on Danielle's phone, a baby monitor for the sitter and everyone had everyone's numbers.

Feeling as comfortable as a new mom leaving her baby for the first time can feel, Danielle left.

The couple were out for about two and a half hours, til 9 pm, before checking the cameras to see how everyone was doing. That's when Danielle noticed things weren't going according to plan.

Rather than reading her ebook, watching T.V., talking on the phone, etc... the babysitter seemed to have forgotten the dog outside and fallen asleep.

Also, the baby monitor was nowhere to be seen.

She tried texting the sitter reminding her to let the dog in, figuring the text would wake her up if she had just dozed off.

It didn't.

So if that didn't wake her, and she didn't have the baby monitor and this wasn't her baby so her body wasn't used to listening out for him while she napped ... yeah.

Whatever minimal comfort Danielle and her husband felt went right out the window and the couple headed home immediately.

Danielle says it "took a moment" for the babysitter to wake up after the couple walked back in the door.

While nothing happened—the baby slept peacefully through the night—Danielle still couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with it.

TikTok is torn, though, which means we get a ton of conflicting comments.

Not exactly helpful for settling Danielle's mind, but here we are.









Danielle even made a follow-up video to address the many people who pointed out she sleeps while watching the baby.

Humans need sleep.

Check her out actually considering all opinions.

In the end, Danielle decided she just wasn't comfortable with the situation.

The baby was completely fine, but does that actually matter? Or is this about expectations and potential dangers?

Or maybe it's little more than new mom anxiety.

You tell us.