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Mitt Romney's Own Grandson Trolled Him With A 'Pierre Delecto' Halloween Costume

Mitt Romney's Own Grandson Trolled Him With A 'Pierre Delecto' Halloween Costume
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) broke the internet last month when he admitted to having a secret Twitter account for anonymously discussing politics and government—as well as defending himself against his critics.

Romney's Twitter alias? Pierre Delecto.

While the tweets from the account were rather tame, people couldn't get over the ridiculousness of the name Romney invented.

The day the story broke, Pierre Delecto began trending on Twitter and the jokes came pouring in. Unfortunately, the once public Twitter account was switched to private as the number of followers began to soar.

Even his grandson Thomas trolled him over the name, using the Halloween holiday to do so.

Romney's eldest son and Thomas's father, Tagg, gleefully shared the costume on Twitter.

Fortunately, Romney took the costume with a sense of humor.

Twitter had a field day with the exchange.

But Thomas wasn't the only one to dress as Romney's secret Twitter persona for Halloween.

Interestingly enough, Romney's children were invaluable in the public learning about the account. An eagle-eyed reporter for Slate uncovered the Senator's Twitter after he alluded to having an alternate account in a profile on him by The Atlantic.

Though he didn't reveal the name, the reporter—Ashley Feinberg—was able to track it down by looking through the followers of Romney's children and grandchildren.

While the vast majority of people have taken the Pierre Delecto account with a sense of humor, some of President Donald Trump's loudest allies have tried to use it against Romney, one of the President's few Republican critics in the Legislative branch.

One of those particularly bothered by Romney's alias was former Arkansas Governor, Republican Mike Huckabee, whom Romney defeated for the Republican nomination for President in the 2012 election.

Huckabee slams Mitt Romney for lurking with a secret Twitter

But as bitter as some are, it turns out Romney might have accidentally created one of the most popular costumes of 2019.