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Miss Nigeria Was So Ecstatic About Her Friend Winning The Miss World Pageant That You Would Have Thought She'd Won

Miss Nigeria Was So Ecstatic About Her Friend Winning The Miss World Pageant That You Would Have Thought She'd Won

Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh, 23, from Morant, Jamaica was crowned the winner of the Miss World pageant on Saturday in London.

Her response was one of shock as cheers erupted from the audience.

However, the joyful reaction from one fellow finalist made the other contestant seem like the actual winner.

Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas, 21—who was clad in an exquisite emerald gown—erupted into a happy dance and shouted praises before embracing Singh in a congratulatory group hug with runner-up Miss Brazil, Elis Coelho.

Douglas may not have taken the crown that night, but the support she exhibited for her speechless friend made her a winner in every other way.

The video of Douglas's effusive glee is going viral, winning the hearts of many on Twitter.

In the spirit of competition, Miss Nigeria reminded us that showing support for a friend after being defeated is a victorious quality.

Singh's win also marks a significant milestone.

For the first time, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss Universe and now Miss World are all Black women.

This is a remarkable achievement, considering women of color were barred from competing in mainstream pageants. Even as organizations changed their rules about segregation, it took years for women of color to start winning pageants.

But in 1977, Janelle Commissiong of Trinidad and Tobago became the first Black Miss Universe. She was followed by Vanessa Williams who was crowned Miss America in 1983; Carole Anne-Marie Gist, who became the first Black Miss USA in 1990; and Janel Bishop, who was the first Black Miss Teen USA in 1991.

Douglas praised Singh for her win and called her "amazing," during an Instagram Live video.

She added:

"She would be the one who would be like, 'Listen, you've got this'."

According to the Miss World website, Singh graduated from Florida State University with degrees in psychology and women's studies. She plans to enroll in medical school.

After winning, Miss World, Singh declared:

"I will continue to be an advocate for women. I believe women are the lifeblood of our community. So, I will continue to inspire and work with them, so they understand just how great their potential is."

Congratulations to Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh for being crowned Miss World.

And let us not forget Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas, whose love and glorious victory dance for her friend made her a champion as well.

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