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Millennials Try Chick-fil-A For The First Time—And Their Reactions Aren't Sitting Well With Some

Millennials Try Chick-fil-A For The First Time—And Their Reactions Aren't Sitting Well With Some
(Business Insider/YouTube, @deadraaaa_/Twitter)

When it comes to a quick grab-and-go alternative to the standard fare of burger joints, America loves scarfing down on Chick-fil-A sandwiches to satisfy their poultry fix. It's been a popular fast food fixture since its establishment in May 1946.

However, despite there being 2,200 Chick-fil-A restaurants operating in the U.S., many millennials have never set foot in one for whatever reason. Until now.

Business Insider found a group of those millennials who've missed out on the popular chain and brought them to a nearby location in New York City to open their world to new tastes––and fill their stomachs.

However, the newbies to the chain weren't so cocksure about the food.

Why was the demographic missing out in the first place?

It depends on location. One person in Insider's video said, "I never tried Chick-fil-A because there weren't any where I grew up in Montana," while another admitted, "I grew up in Europe. I don't think there is a single Chick-fil-A in Europe, so..." Expectations were high as Chick-fil-A virgins sampled the menu items. "I am expecting this to be the best fast food meal that I've ever had," said one participant.

Unfortunately, it wasn't love at first bite.

It's very squishy bread. I don't like that already.

It's very bland. There's not much flavoring.

Some took delight in it. But were they just trying to appease us?

Overall taste, I would say good. Texture, I did not like that much. I like the sauce.
The fries aren't bad. They're pretty good. They're not too salty for me. They're very standard fries.

One taste-tester thought McDonald's fries were far more superior.

I'm a big fan of soggy McDonald's fries and these are a little crispier. They're okay. They're a little potato-y for me.

Overall, the millennials in the video weren't impressed and didn't understand America's fascination over the food that made them feel "meh" about it.

I was expecting to like it more. It's got all the fuss. People love Chick-fil-A. People are super excited about it. Like the one that just opened around the corner, there are lines still coming out the door, I think. But why?

Twitter had some responses and defended their beloved restaurant.

Potato-y, potatah, let's just call the taste test off. Thanks for keeping the lines short for the rest of us, millennials!

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