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Millennials Are Shutting Down The Notion That They're The Ones Recklessly Going On Spring Break

Millennials get the blame for almost everything not attributed to Boomers, so it's not surprising that the spread of this pandemic has been in one way or another blamed on Millennials or Gen Y.

But millennials, for a change, aren't going to sit around and take the blame.

Millennials are synonymous with young people in the brains of several older generations—but they aren't as young as folks think they are.

You may have seen a video showing a lot of young whippersnappers partying in Miami over spring break, including a young man who said no pandemic or CDC advisory would interrupt his partying.

The 19 year-old later apologized.

Listen up folks—that's not a Millennial. Millennials are either in their 30s or rapidly approaching 30. 19 is Gen Z.

The oldest millennials are 39.

They are not the spring chickens that Boomers and the media make them out to be.

The youngest—approaching 30—left spring break party days behind quite some time ago.

Millennials are pushing back against the mischaracterization.

Moreover, most of are pleading with Boomer parents to please take these restrictions seriously.

And in case you still don't believe, there is a trending hashtag so that lets people see what Millennials are doing while they stay at home.

For future reference, the consensus is:

  • Silent Generation - born before 1944 or 1945
  • Baby Boomers - born 1945 or 1946 to 1964
  • Generation X - born 1965 to 1980
  • Millennials - born 1981 to 1996
  • Generation Z - born 1997 to present

Remember, it's the young'uns from Gen Z you want.