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Michigan Cop Under Investigation After Saying He'd Kill Himself If He Was 'Born Black' In Racist Rant

Michigan Cop Under Investigation After Saying He'd Kill Himself If He Was 'Born Black' In Racist Rant
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A man in Warren, Michigan posted a racist rant about Black people in a comment directed at a Black woman on Facebook.

Tamia Brooks, the woman targeted, screenshot the comment before it was deleted. She later did some digging and found the man was a local police officer.

The unidentified officer wrote:

"I'm ignorant?? Lol... do you even understand the word 'ignorant'?? or in your language, ignant, Lol..."
"I can break down everything about you and yours (people) and it would all be facts and trust me, you wouldn't be calling me ignant at all."
"My facts are you all are lost, the biggest Racist people in the world yes, the world."
"Black on black crime is beyond repair, black babies having babies—no men—man enough to stay with one lady and raise his kids. Every kids ambition is to either be a rapper or a basketball player or a drug dealer."

The officer ended with:

"Glad I wasn't born bl&@k. I would kill myself!"

You can see Click On Detroit NBC News 4 coverage here:

After taking a screenshot of the comment, Brooks went straight to Google and found the person behind the comment was in fact a police officer with the Warren Police Department.

Click On Detroitnews 4 spoke to Brooks.

She said:

"I was like 'Wow, he really said all this stuff and he really thinks this."
"This is a cop. You are supposed to protect us. I don't know if it's just him who really thinks this about us."

Brooks added the officer who responded to her call at the Warren police station was attentive and prompt. She heard back from the department that same day.

Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said they launched an internal affairs investigation.

"This incident involves alleged comments posted to Facebook by an off-duty officer using his personal Facebook profile."
"Upon being made aware of the allegation, the Warren Police Department immediately launched an internal investigation and placed the officer on administrative leave."
"The Warren Police Department does not condone the use of racist comments by any employees, whether on duty or off duty. Statements like this erode civilian trust and confidence in the police department and are not tolerated."
"This allegation is serious and will be thoroughly investigated in accordance with Warren Police Department procedures and the officer's collective bargaining agreement."
"The alleged views expressed by the officer do not align with mission, goals, and philosophy of the Warren Police Department and in no way reflect on the views of the 200 plus members of the Warren Police Department."

The news made it's way to Twitter where, generally, most people were not shocked or surprised.

This isn't the first time the Warren Police Department was under fire for racism.

Former police officer DeSheila Howlett, a Black woman, is suing because she alleges a co-worker used the n-word, among other things forms of harassment and created a hostile work environment.

Hopefully steps will be taken to eradicate such attitudes in the Warren Police Department.