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GOP Lawmaker Vowed To 'Destroy' Dem Colleague Who He Used To Date In Series Of Unhinged Texts

GOP Lawmaker Vowed To 'Destroy' Dem Colleague Who He Used To Date In Series Of Unhinged Texts
Michigan House Republicans; Michigan House Democrats

Michigan State Representative Steve Marino of the Republican party had an order of protection filed against him by Democratic Representative Mari Manoogian.

This news comes after Marino was removed from all State House committees by the Republican Speaker of the House, Jason Wentworth, originally without a reason given.

Court documents show a series of text messages Marino sent to Manoogian, threatening her life and verbally abusing her.

According to Manoogian, she and Marino dated briefly in 2019. The relationship only lasted four months, and things seemed fine after the relationship ended.

However, at the start of 2020, Manoogian says things changed. She started receiving threatening text messages, and believes Marino is mentally unstable.

In documents filed for the personal protection order (PPO) Manoogian included copies of text messages sent between her and Marino.

In one, he tells Manoogian to "hide on the House floor" because:

"I'm going to park right next to your desk and ream you a new a**hole each session day until I leave that place."

He also said he hopes her car blows up, or that she gets in a car crash on the way to Lansing, and that it's his "life mission to destroy you."

Many couldn't believe the messages Marino sent.

Marino, through his lawyer, has claimed that the PPO and text messages are "politically motivated character assassination." His attorney, Mike Rataj, has said they are challenging the PPO.

Rataj said:

"These statements are so out of context, and we're simply going to move to set it aside."

What kind of context would be fine for hoping a colleague's car explodes?

With the PPO in effect, and Marino's removal from House committees, the only things to be considered are his votes and caucusing with fellow Republicans. Additionally, Manoogian's and Marino's offices are in the same building.

Despite Marino not being banned from the House floor, he did not attend a session earlier this week.

It is unknown at this time how the Republican party of Michigan will handle Marino and these allegations.

Rataj is challenging the PPO filed against his client, especially since it could interfere with Marino's duties. Otherwise, the order would remain in effect for one year.

Michigan state police are investigating the matter. Only time will tell what will happen to Marino.