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Forget Pizza Rat, MetroCard Rat Is NYC's Hottest New Subway-Related Rat—But We Have So Many Questions

Ah, New York! The Big Apple! Is there anything more iconic to the city than the Statue of Liberty? Or Times Square?

Perhaps one thing: a rat, stuck inside a MetroCard machine.

Prepare yourself. There's video.

New Yorkers wished they were more shocked by the image of a rat stuck inside the change slot of a subway card vending machine, but, sadly, things like this are what New York is all about.

The MTA believes someone may have planted the rat in the slot.

How a person got ahold of the rat or why is unclear.

Rats seem to cause a lot of trouble. Just recently, a rat pulled a fire alarm in D.C., causing chaos to ensue.

And of course many people are drawing comparisons between MetroCard rat and 2015's infamous Pizza Rat, who stole a slice of classic New York pizza and dragged it across a subway platform.

New York City rat taking pizza home on the subway (Pizza Rat)

Some Twitter users pitted the rats against each other...

But the wisest individuals called for the rodents to team up!

What series of events could have possibly led to this rat being inside the vending machine?

Many New Yorkers are now understandably scared of getting a MetroCard.

Could it be possible that the rat inside the machine is a GOOD thing?

A few people came up with possible ways to deal with the subway rat infestation:

One thing's for sure: MetroCard rat is now the only thing on any New Yorker's mind.

Ah, New York! If you can make it there, you must love rats!

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