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Merriam-Webster's New 'Time Traveler' Feature Answers--What Words Were 'Born' The Year You Were?


If you've ever wondered what other cool things made their splashy debut besides you on your birthday, Merriam-Webster has you covered.

The authority on English words rolled out a new "Time Traveler" feature on their website that reveals what words first appeared in print on the year of your birth.

The feature is easy to use. Just click over to the Merriam-Webster website and enter the year of interest.

A vast cornucopia of words populate – some familiar, some foreign - and it becomes a fascinating way to unexpectedly expand your vocabulary.

Some discoveries may surprise you. For instance, the words "blogger" and "texting" existed longer than you would think. They both became prominent as far back as 1999.

Did you know that "chat room" and "crackhead" debuted the same year? It was in 1986.

And "Mickey Mouse" officially entered our vernacular in the same year as "nazi" did in 1930.

Twitter shared their hilarious responses to their search.

One user had a question about the frequency at which new words emerged. Was there a patten?

The joy of discovery continues.

Not everyone was amused with the results shared with their birth year.

Others saw the results making a lot of sense.

What joys will you find in your search? Go back in time and prepare to get 'woke.'

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