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Chris Meloni Just Clapped Back Hard After Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Called 'SVU' 'Unwatchable'

Actor Chris Meloni (left) White nationalist Trump advisor Stephen Miller
Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Glamour; Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Law & Order spin-offs Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime actor Chris Meloni had an absolutely scathing response for former Trump advisor, speechwriter and proud White nationalist Stephen Miller when the latter tried to roast him and SVU—or maybe Organized Crime—on Twitter.

The whole thing started when Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert tweeted the phrase "Let's Go Brandon!", a well known code commonly used by Republicans for a much more vulgar phrase: "F**k Joe Biden."

Meloni responded to Boebert's tweet with derision:

"There's gotta be a Stupid Prize gop reps are competing for"

Miller was apparently quite put out by Meloni's tweet because he attempted to roast Meloni and SVU or Organized Crime in his own quote tweet.

"Turns out the guy with the most unwatchable ‘Law & Order’ spin-off is a very angry—and very ignorant—far-left ideologue."
"If he had any decency or self-respect, he’d apologize to the Congresswoman (unless he still can’t grasp how he’s embarrassed himself)."

Meloni evidently didn't feel any need to "apologize to the Congresswoman" though, as he instead responded with an epic burn for Miller instead.

"When nosferatu attempts shade."
"Stevie, stick to writing fascist speeches"

Twitter users definitely seemed to appreciate Meloni's mocking tweet more than Miller's sanctimonious one.

Even some who were unfamiliar with Meloni appreciated his response.

Miller still kept trying to get Meloni to apologize.

Law and Order: Organized Crime airs Thursdays on NBC if you want more Chris Meloni in your life.