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PHOTO: Melania Trump Tweets Christmas Pic With Snapchat Filter

PHOTO: Melania Trump Tweets Christmas Pic With Snapchat Filter

First Lady Melania Trump took to Twitter early on Christmas Day to tweet out a short Christmas greeting as well as a festive selfie.

The tweet, reading "#MerryChristmas" followed by several Christmas-themed emojis, didn't sit well with everyone, however:

While it's a perfectly fine photo, some people took issue with the fact that Mrs. Trump's official Christmas message was simply a photo of herself surrounded by the effects of a Christmas Snapchat filter, including several flying reindeer and a Santa hat. She even had the typical pouty duck lips going.

Who knew she even had a Snapchat?

What was even more strange about the photo is that it's the first selfie the First Lady has taken since Trump took office back in January.

President Trump and the First Lady were down at their Mar-a-Lago estate over the holiday weekend, and Trump was very vocal about the "war on Christmas," even claiming that he "led the charge" in bringing the phrase back from the brink of death:

So there's a chance Mrs. Trump's post was in solidarity with her husband's recent assertions.

Either way, some Twitter users weren't feeling it:

Perhaps they were just jealous:

And, let's be real for a second:

But the majority of the comments were from staunch Trump supporters who simply adored the photo:

There was even one helpful Twitter user that share some festive Melania Trump Christmas GIFs that someone clearly spent a lot of time making as well. And they're not creepy or haunting at all:

Divisive picture or not, only the First Lady knows what her own inspiration for taking the selfie was, and the people who were supposed to love it loved it, and the people who weren't didn't. Mission accomplished.

But now that Mrs. Trump is on a selfie kick (if one selfie in the past year counts as a kick), perhaps 2018 will be the year of the selfie. But considering that her lack of a social media presence probably helped her rise to the top of the Trump family ratings, with about 44% approval, maybe it's in her best interest if she just gently puts the phone down and backs away until 2020.

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