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Megyn Kelly Gets Brutal Reminder After Melting Down Over Jill Biden Being Called 'Dr.'

Megyn Kelly had a Twitter meltdown after football announcers referred to the First Lady as 'Dr. Jill Biden.'

Megyn Kelly; Dr. Jill Biden
Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images; Paul Warner/Getty Images

Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly was heavily criticized for having a Twitter meltdown after football announcers referred to First Lady Jill Biden as "Dr. Jill Biden," employing the title she has earned.

The First Lady received a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in educational leadership from the University of Delaware in 2007 but Kelly called Biden’s doctorate a “fake title” after an announcer at the NFC Championship game in Philadelphia on Sunday introduced the First Lady using her "Dr." title.

The First Lady was in attendance in a box to cheer on her hometown Philadelphia Eagles as the team defeated the San Francisco 49ers to earn a trip to the Super Bowl.

But an annoyed Kelly claimed Dr. Biden's title is not legitimate because she doesn't hold a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), which is awarded to licensed physicians who graduate from accredited medical schools.

She said:

"Announcers for this Eagles-49ers game just spotted the First Lady in a box and of course call her 'Dr. Jill Biden.' Wonder if she realizes what a wannabe she looks like insisting on this fake title. Get a real MD or just work on your self-esteem."

You can see her tweet below.

Kelly was immediately criticized for her remark and reminded how degree titles work.

Interestingly, Kelly has had no problem with the "Dr." honorific for other non-medical doctors, as some on Twitter were also happy to remind her.

In 2015, when she was still working as host for Fox News, she introduced the media personality and military intelligence analyst Sebastian Gorka—who has a Ph.D. in political science—as "Dr. Gorka" and used his title throughout their interview.

The First Lady has faced significant pushback from conservatives who've sought to demean her and suggest her title is illegitimate.

In 2020, a Wall Street Journaleditorial was criticized after columnist Joseph Epstein called on the First Lady to drop "Dr." from her name.

Similarly, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson once said the First Lady is a doctor “in the same sense Dr Pepper is," a comment that drew accusations of misogyny.