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Woman Films Man As He Stalks Her Around Apartment Complex Asking If She's A Sex Worker

Woman Films Man As He Stalks Her Around Apartment Complex Asking If She's A Sex Worker

Among the hilarious monologues, documented pranks and impressive skills that populate TikTok feeds day in and day out, there is an underbelly of videos that call attention to very real, concerning problems that continue to happen.

And it's all due to the capabilities of smartphones with cameras built into them.

Just as those devices changed the game for editing funny videos, smartphones have allowed us to document the gross and the scary.

For an example, look no further than a recent viral TikTok video posted by a young woman as she fended off a stalker who followed her around her apartment complex.

The worst part? This is far from the first TikTok video like that.

In the video, which was posted by TikTok user @loreboree1 and has already netted four million views, she positioned her phone to film a man as he hobbled behind her.

When @loreboree1 repeatedly told the stalker to leave her alone, he simply dug his heels in and spoke over her.

"That's okay, I don't care, you can film me all you want."
"Just talk to me for two minutes and I'll leave you alone."
"How do you dress like this? What, are you a prostitute? I'm curious."

Many TikTok viewers who saw the video were appalled by what she was forced to go through.

That said, they were hardly surprised.





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Others grew worried about her safety when she didn't post a video for many hours.

Jessica A/TikTok

Chrystal Flatt/TikTok

Eventually, she did post a followup video.

It was more footage from that same horrible moment. In that video, she confronted him and stated just how much he'd impacted her well-being.

"Leave me alone! Stop stalking me. Please, I can't live here anymore because you stalk me, that's why I moved."
"I don't want to ever talk to you! I don't ever want to hear your voice, see you. Please leave me alone!"

Unfortunately, we know that this is far from the last time a woman will have to deal with this kind of behavior from men.

But hopefully, as with many other issues, the ability to film and document these behaviors will lead to awareness and change.