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Video Of Texas 'Bee Whisperer' Rehoming Massive Hive Of Bees With Her Bare Hands Goes Viral

Video Of Texas 'Bee Whisperer' Rehoming Massive Hive Of Bees With Her Bare Hands Goes Viral

A professional beekeeper in Texas captured the awe and fascination of people across the internet when she posted a brief, narrated video that illustrated a typical day in the life.

Erika Thompson has spent the last year or so posting videos of her beekeeping work to her TikTok account, aptly named texasbeeworks.

And although each of her posts has netted views in the low millions, her latest video really exploded. So far, 64.5 million people have watched the clip, which showed Thompson "rehoming" a hive (carefully moving it from one location to another).

The video began with Thompson providing some backstory with some impressively soothing narration.

"Bees have been living in this backyard shed for at least two years. The landlord wanted to call an exterminator. But the family who lived here wanted to save the bees, so they called me."

Then Thompson got to work.

"When I lifted up the floor I found a huge hive full of gentle bees. The hive was so big I had to remove another section of floor to access the entire thing."
"Then I started removing the hive. Whatever I removed from the original hive went right into the new one so the bees would have everything they need to survive."

At that point, the clip showed Thompson safely transporting large clusters of bees into a carefully arranged box--the new hive.

The work continued after that.

"After I removed all of the comb, I started scooping bees into the new hive. As soon as I put the bees by the new hive, they marched right in."
For many TikTok viewers, this barehanded grabbing was the real kicker.

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Fortunately, one TikTok user was happy to enlighten the anxious crowd.


Clearly well aware of her own safety, Thompson continued on undisturbed, even concluding with a display of some expertise.

"Then a stream of bees began running out from under the floor into the new hive. So I waited and watched to see if I could spot the queen bee in the crowd."
"After about 15 minutes, she appeared! So I put her in a clip to keep her safe."
"Once the queen was in the new hive, some bees began sending signals to help the other bees find their way home. I left the hive in the shed overnight and by the next day the entire colony was in their new home and it was another great day of saving the bees."

Other TikTok viewers had all sorts of commentary to offer.




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So next time you find yourself dealing with a bee infestation, maybe think twice about eliminating them the easy way.

Perhaps there are people like Thompson in your neck of the woods.