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Man Stages Kidnapping Of His Girlfriend As Part Of Wedding Proposal In Bonkers TikTok

Tiktoker @tahlzyy_ shared a proposal video where a man went to extreme lengths to pop the question to his girlfriend, including a staged kidnapping.

Screenshots from TikTok of kidnap proposal

There are many ways to make a grand gesture and really leave a lasting impression when proposing marriage. Some of them are really, really bad ideas though. Like for instance having your betrothed kidnapped.

That's what one Australian TikToker did as part of his proposal to his girlfriend recently. He staged the fake kidnapping while she was on a trip to visit family in Lebanon.

Her fiance, Adam Rizk, really went all out on the fake abduction, hiring men to stop his girlfriend Vanessa Moujalli's car while she was driving with her family, carjack them in balaclavas and kidnap her.

See the incident below.


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Throughout the "proposal," Moujalli and her family appeared terrified—or maybe terrorized is the right word—as the fake criminals manhandled them and threatened them on the side of the road.

At one point, Moujalli can be heard pleading with the kidnappers and then saying:

“I’m not going with them. I told them I’ll give them whatever they want.”

Moujalli was then blindfolded and moved to another car.

Back in the car she came from, a man filming the encounter can be heard laughing and saying:

"She's gonna fu*king lose it."

In the next section of the video, the fake kidnappers led a clearly frightened Moujalli onto a beach as she asked "what's happening?" When they finally took her blindfold off, Rizk was waiting with flowers, musicians, dancers and of course a ring.

Moujalli immediately broke down in tears, as women often do in proposals, though it's difficult to decipher if her tears are from joy, terror, relief or a mix of the three. In any case, it seems she accept the proposal—the video finished with Rizk placing an engagement ring on her finger.

It may have been a grand gesture, but most people on social media seemed to feel like it was entirely the wrong kind.

People were truly appalled by Rizk's stunt.








But some found the spectacle hilarious.




That's certainly one way to make a memorable proposal.

Probably not the best one though.

Stick to baking the ring in a cake or whatever, gentlemen.