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28-Year-Old Man Finally Rescued After Getting Wedged In Between Rocks For Four Days

Battambang province Authority Police via AP/Press Association Images

A man who became wedged between rocks while collecting bat droppings in the Cambodian jungle has been rescued after being trapped for almost four days.

Police said Sum Bora slipped on Sunday while trying to retrieve his flashlight, which had fallen in the small rocky hollow.

Bat droppings — guano — are used as fertilizer and sold for supplementary income by poor farmers, who sometimes try to attract bats to their property.

Rescuers carry Sum BoraRescuers carry Sum BoraBattambang province Authority Police/AP/Press Association Images

His worried family began searching for Sum Bora when he did not return after three days, Cambodia's Fresh News reported.

His brother found him and alerted authorities to his location in the Chakry mountain jungle, in the north-western province of Battambang.

About 200 rescue workers carefully extricated the trapped man by destroying bits of the rock that had pinned him, in an effort that took about 10 hours, Police Major Sareth Visen said.

The 28-year-old was freed at about 6pm Wednesday, looking extremely weak, and was taken to a provincial hospital, the police official said.

Battambang province Authority Police/AP/Press Association Images

The rescue was spearheaded by specialists from Rapid Rescue Company 711, which is connected to prime minister Hun Sen's elite military bodyguard brigade.

The group was prominent in rescue efforts when a seven-story building collapsed in June in the southern city of Sihanoukville, killing 24 people.