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Maisie Williams Just Shared The Most Awkward Part Of Her Sex Scene On 'Game Of Thrones'—And, Yikes

Episode two of Game of Thrones' final season gave us what many fans have long been waiting for: Arya and Gendry finally doing the do!

The pair have been eyeing each other since being reunited at Winterfell last week and their eventual hookup seemed to be an inevitable occurrence.

But even if the moment was good in terms of character development, that doesn't make one detail any less uncomfortable for the actors.

Yes, many hardcore shippers were getting exactly what they wanted...

...but the thought of Maisie William's parents and siblings sitting down together to watch the scene is definitely a bit awkward.

Of course, many fans are just glad Arya got to exercise her sexuality before what may be the last day of her life.

For a girl who's never spent a lot of time on romance, she seemed to read Gendry pretty well.

There were some people on the internet who felt uncomfortable watching Arya, who they've known since she was a child, getting the nasty on.

But most simply offered her their congratulations!

By this point in the story, Arya is around 18 years old, and Maisie Williams is 22.

If you were shocked as a fan, imagine what Gendry must have been thinking!

Well done, Arya! Taking charge of your sexuality and seeking out consensual relationships is a great start in the Westeros dating world. If only your chances of survival were higher...