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MAGA TikToker Roasted For His Mind-Numbing Explanation Of Why 'Washington State Is A Red State'

MAGA TikToker Roasted For His Mind-Numbing Explanation Of Why 'Washington State Is A Red State'

A Donald Trump supporter explained that Washintgon state was a red state—which according to 2020 election results it isn't—in a TikTok video. He was then mocked for his faulty logic on social media.

TikTok user Dutch Hollander began his video saying, "OK, math time for Democrats," and proceeded with his false claim Washington state skewed heavily Republican in the 2020 presidential election. A meme account on Twitter called, Coping MAGA, shared and captioned the video with, "this is physically painful to watch."

It was seen over 410k times.

Brace yourselves and watch below.

In his reasoning, Hollander argued Washington state's land—instead of population of people—was a determining factor for the election.

"The majority of Washington State is red. The only majority that you guys have is the numbers, and that only applies to voting."
"It doesn't apply to anything else."
"We have the majority of land. That footprint-that area between the borders is primarily Republican."
"It has nothing to do with the amount of people living there. It has to do with the majority of ground, the majority of land-owned."

Are trees voting Republican?

He continued:

"We still have 40 percent of the population here. You have only got about 60 percent of it. So you put your little 60 [percent] in the little, little, baby, pretty footprints."
"We've got it in the big ol' elephant footprints. We have the majority: the majority of gun-owners, the majority of patriotism."
"We have the majority. Ever play Risk?"
"Put all your army in Madagascar. You ever win?"

Are trees carrying guns now?

People scratched their heads over the TikToker's flawed logic.

Hollander's premise relies entirely on his false belief that only urban Washintgonians voted Democrat while 100% of rural Washingtonians voted Republican, thereby making the unpopulated forests, mountains and bodies of water also Republican. Unfortunately for Hollander's argument, both rural and urban areas in Washington produced a mixture of Democratic and Republican voters.

And trees, rocks and streams don't have political affiliations.

The original video on Hollander's TikTok page was viewed over 200k times. The comments were disabled.