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Image Of Kitchen Scale On Lowe's Website Has People Doing A Double Take

Lowe's apparently knows what's up when it comes to the legalized weed game.

A recent Reddit post—verified by multiple people on social media—revealed the retailer had posted a picture of a kitchen scale for sale on their website.

Strangely, the scale in the photo seemed to be weighing out some cannabis.


Twitter had never been a bigger fan of Lowe's.

Many wondered whether the weed came free with the scale or whether it cost extra.

Either way, the price was fantastic!

Lowe's is going to have a hard time living this one down.

No matter what your drug of choice is, Lowe's has the scale for you.

Though the picture may have been an accident, Lowe's seems to have gathered some genuine new customers.

Here's to Lowe's: the only retailer willing to admit what you actually use your kitchen scale for.

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