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GOP Senator Absurdly Claims That She's 'Not Familiar' With Trump's Infamous 'Access Hollywood' Tape

GOP Senator Absurdly Claims That She's 'Not Familiar' With Trump's Infamous 'Access Hollywood' Tape

As Donald Trump continues to lag behind Joe Biden in the polls, some Republicans have begun distancing themselves from the President in preparation for an expected electoral loss.

Emphatically not among them is Senator Kelly Loeffler, who's still so on board with Trump. She even went so far as to claim she's "not familiar" with the infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which the President is heard bragging about kissing and grabbing women's genitals without their consent.

Loeffler made the claim when put on the spot by a Georgia news reporter to clarify her statement she agrees with 100% of what the President has said and done.

The absurd claim came during a stop in Buford, Georgia, where Loeffler was campaigning for re-election to her Senate seat, to which she was appointed. She frequently bills herself as Trump's most supportive ally in the Senate.

When asked by a reporter if she disagreed with the Access Hollywood tape, Loeffler first changed the subject.

"I agree with the approach President Trump has taken since day one to put America first. What I am here focused on is working for Georgians in Washington and being their voice, and being a Conservative champion for Georgians."

Pressed again by the reporter to clarify whether she agreed with the President's "statements about personally sexually assaulting women," Loeffler stammered and then claimed to not know what he was talking about.

"I'm not familiar with that."

When another reporter clarified she was being asked specifically about the Access Hollywood tape, Loeffler looked bewildered and simply responded:

"Yeah, no. Look, this president is fighting for America."

Given the Access Hollywood recording is known all over the world—let alone all over the country—it seems unlikely Loeffler could be ignorant of its existence.

But then, in her short first term in office, dishonesty has become something of a specialty of Loeffler's.

On Twitter, Loeffler's preposterous claim of ignorance went over like a lead balloon.

Loeffler was appointed to the Senate by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp last December, following the retirement of Senator Johnny Isakson. She is facing off against a number of other candidates from her own and other parties in her Senate race, which is likely to go to a runoff in January.