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Pro-Trump Attorney Who Cried 'Voter Fraud' Under Investigation For Illegally Voting In Georgia In 2020 Election

Fox News/YouTube

L. Lin Wood—better known as just Lin Wood—is under investigation.

After spending the aftermath of the 2020 election crying "voter fraud" repeatedly, the state of Georgia is investigating L. Lin Wood himself for committing voter fraud.

State investigators began scrutinizing Wood after it was revealed he voted in Georgia, despite having lived in South Carolina for the past year.

Georgia election code prohibits someone who moves out of state to vote in Georgia:

"If a person removes to another state with the intention of making it such person's residence, such person shall be considered to have lost such person's residence in this state."

Wood, Trump and a number of GOP members have clung onto the lie the election was "stolen" by Democrats, a move unsubstantiated by any discernible evidence.

Many spreaders of the "Big Lie," as it has been dubbed in the months since, have been sued by Dominion, maker of the voting machines the US uses in elections, for falsely claiming that Dominion had the voting machines rigged against Donald Trump.

In a statement, Wood said he was essentially the victim of a witch-hunt:

"This is pure harassment by the Georgia Secretary of State because I have revealed credible evidence of election fraud on the part of Brad Raffensperger."

Brad Raffensperger, a Republican Secretary Of State who himself voted for Donald Trump, has been heavily on the receiving end of Trump and his cronies' attempts to overturn the election.

The day before the insurrection at the US Capitol, Raffensberger released a transcript of his call with Trump, wherein Trump asked him to find over 11,000 votes in his favor.

Wood's staunch right-wing allies will likely never face the truth about the 2020 election, but now Wood has a chance to be held accountable.

Let's see if the state of Georgia follows through with it.