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Police Find Child-Sized Doll In Bed Of Man Who Spray-Painted 'Groomer' On DC Public Libraries

Charles Sutherland, a school librarian, has been charged after police also found child pornography on his laptop.

A library with the spray-painted word "groomers" on the entrance; mugshot of Charles Sutherland
WUSA9/YouTube; Prince George's County Police Department

Charles Sutherland—a Maryland elementary school librarian arrested last year on hate crime charges for allegedly spray-painting the word “groomer” on the front door of two public libraries—was recently charged for new crimes after police found child pornography on his laptop.

Court records show Sutherland was charged on March 3 with at least seven counts of possessing child sex abuse materials. Police also found a child-sized doll in his bed in addition to children's dolls and diapers.

There is currently no evidence Sutherland abused any children and court documents reveal he told authorities he has no children, nieces or nephews.

He did admit to having child pornography on a laptop in his home. Sutherland worked as an elementary school librarian prior to his vandalism arrest.

A local television news report about Sutherland's arrest can be seen here:

2 Prince George's Co. libraries vandalized with anti-LGBTQ+

Sutherland's arrest for child pornography comes after he joined the chorus of right-wingers who accused the LGBTQ+ community of "grooming" children. Their manufactured controversy was used to justify a slew of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation nationwide, much of it specifically targeting members of the transgender community and drag queens.

He was arrested in June 2022 after surveillance video caught him spray painting the word ”groomer” onto the front doors of public libraries in the Maryland towns of New Carrollton and Greenbel.

The vandalism was allegedly to protest drag queen story hours.

Sutherland, a resident of Tacoma Park, faced two counts of malicious destruction of property and multiple hate crimes for his vandalism, which occurred during nearby Washington D.C.'s annual Pride Week festivities.

At the time, county library spokesperson Nicholas Alexander Brown said Sutherland's vandalism would not deter libraries from their "commitment to maintaining welcoming spaces to LGBTQ+ customers and their allies."

The news of his latest arrest on child pornography charges did not come as a surprise to many.

Sutherland, who has been on administrative leave from his school library job since June 2022, is scheduled to appear in court on the child pornography charges next month.

He will appear in court on the hate crime charges this August.