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TikTok Lawyer Calls Out Woman Who Put Laxatives In Coffee Creamer After Coworkers Kept Stealing It

TikTok Lawyer Calls Out Woman Who Put Laxatives In Coffee Creamer After Coworkers Kept Stealing It

An attorney gave an urgent public service announcement in response to a TikTok video where a woman added laxatives in her coffee creamer to deter coworkers from stealing it.

While the original video has been deleted, TikTok user @attorneyryan, made a reaction video using the footage before it was taken down.

The self-ascribed "Labor Lawyer" alleged that putting laxatives in coffee creamer while knowing someone might steal it was illegal.


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In the video, @attorneyryan superimposed himself in front of the original TikTok clip and physically reacted to the cunning act.

A voiceover, presumably his, said:

"Got tagged in this a lot so let's talk about it. This woman is putting a laxative in her coffee creamer because her co-workers keep using it."
"This is a crime, don't do this. It doesn't matter if you write 'Do not use,' you know they're going to drink it."

Reactions were mixed in the comments.

Some people defended the lawyer.


One user believed the coffee creamer pilferers deserved karmic consequences.


This person had a creative solution that was less harmful.


Many others, however, disagreed with him.

When a commenter argued the woman could do to her creamer as she pleases, the lawyer reiterated his point with an analogy.

"Extreme example: you can't put a trap behind a 'no trespassing' sign and get away with hurting someone."


And when another user said "stealing was a crime," the lawyer said:

"If you are doing it with the intent of someone drinking it and getting sick, it's illegal. Having your name on it won't be a defense."

In response to another comment, he added that the argument: "stealing is also a crime," was not a valid defense.

He added:

"Because you knew they would drink it so you set a trap. The trap is illegal."


It became a moot point to continue arguing with the lawyer.

This TikToker insisted that it wasn't a crime "to put what you want in your drink. It's your product to do whatever you want to it."

The lawyer responded:

"Sounds like you're the legal expert."


Still, people who supported the lawyer's message came out in droves.


One TikToker went as far as to consider the woman's act as "100% poisoning," to which the lawyer said:

"Tried to warn them. Best free legal advice I ever gave. lol."


And this individual expressed their concern to all the opposition in the thread.


The Daily Dot said they reached out to both @attorneyryan and the original poster of the video, but there have not been any responses.