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Lauren Boebert Dragged For Attempting To Rattle Biden With A Noisy Mylar Blanket During His Speech

Lauren Boebert Dragged For Attempting To Rattle Biden With A Noisy Mylar Blanket During His Speech

On Wednesday, April 28, President Joe Biden gave an address before a special joint session of Congress.

Republican reactions to Biden's address were muted to say the least, but there was also one Congresswoman who made a point of being as noisy as possible.

In the middle of Biden's remarks, conspiracy theory supporting Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado noisily unfurled a loud mylar blanket then made a point of playing on her phone.

You can see the moment here:


It was later revealed Boebert was trying to make a point about unaccompanied minors at the southern border.

The health and welfare of unaccompanied minors—children who arrive at the United States' border without any family—are the new hot button topic for the GOP. This comes after Republican silence while the Trump administration forcibly separated migrant children from their families for years without keeping records or setting up plans to reunite the families.

Boebert's only immediate impact was widespread mockery on Twitter.

Many people, referencing Boebert's belief in unfounded conspiracy theories, compared her blanket to a tinfoil hat.

Although Boebert may not agree with President Biden's views, such a show of disrespect was unnecesary.

It's hard to make a cogent point about anything when you've already given everyone the impression you're unstable.

Many people online pointed out Boebert has no deep care for migrant detentions at the border.

She knows to succeed with her conservative base, she doesn't need to make any positive legislative changes.

She only needs to be seen disrespecting liberals, no matter how childish or petty.

Boebert wanted to be noticed during President Biden's speech and she got her wish.

But this may be a better case for being careful what you wish for than Boebert "owning the libs."