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North Carolina GOP Lawmaker Under Fire For Calling Black Lives Matter Protesters 'Vermin' On Facebook

NC General Assembly

North Carolina Republican State Representative Larry Pittman is under fire after writing a post on Facebook which referred to Black Lives Matter protestors as "vermin."

In an extended Facebook post, Pittman referred to BLM protestors as "ignorant thugs," "criminals," "domestic terrorists" and "vermin."

You can read his post here:

Pittman, who represents Cabarrus County, North Carolina, told officers that they should "shoot" any citizens who resist arrest.

The State Representative wrote about Seattle's peaceful autonomous zone, saying the Mayor had "betrayed the citizens there by allowing the anti-American actions of those ignorant thugs to go unchallenged."

In 2017, Pittman drew controversy when he compared Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler, saying:

"Lincoln was the same sort if [sic] tyrant, and personally responsible for the deaths of over 800,000 Americans in a war that was unnecessary and unconstitutional."

In 2011, just after being voted into office, Pittman reportedly claimed North Carolina should return to its tradition of public hangings, especially for doctors who performed abortions.

Twitter couldn't believe anyone in a public office would say these things.

Pittman hasn't done a wonderful job of keeping his worst aspects hidden away.

The State Representative is certainly casting a bad light on the Republican party.

Many North Carolina residents online believe they deserve better than a state representative who says they should be killed for protesting.