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Woman's Landlord Brings Her To Tears With Touching Text Message Of Support Amidst Coronavirus Economic Uncertainty

Rob Lewine / Getty Images

During this difficult time with the coronavirus, many people have been impacted by the need for social distancing and the requirement for many bars, restaurants and other social locations to close.

Some are struggling to make ends meet and are wondering how they will buy food or pay rent at a time like this.

Fortunately, some landlords have taken it upon themselves to help their tenants.

Amy Gledhill, one of many rental tenants who is concerned about the impact the coronavirus will have on her ability to pay rent, recently shared on Twitter her landlord's willingness to help out.

She received a text message from them out of the blue, claiming that if she suddenly found herself struggling to make ends meet, everything would be okay.

Gledhill found herself incredibly emotional after receiving the text, agreeing with her landlord's sentiment that maybe everything would be okay, even financially.

Her landlord texted:

"Given everything that seems to be going on with COVID-19, I wanted to let you know that whatever happens with your work, I want you to feel secure in the house."

Gledhill shared a screenshot of the text on Twitter, shouting out her thanks to her landlord.

But she also wanted this to serve as a reminder to other landlords to care for their tenants during this time, if they are in a position to do so.

Many tenants commented on the tweet, similarly emotional to Gledhill, and expressing their thanks for the landlord's gesture.

Even some fellow landlords spoke up, sharing how they had offered similar plans to their tenants, or now intend to.

It's a wonderful reminder in times like these that there are still things we can do to help others.

In some cases, it might mean picking up someone's groceries for them, but in other cases, it might mean going so far as delaying the cost of rent until our mutual situation improves.

Despite the indefinite progress of the virus, more positive stories like this one keep coming into light. By helping each other even in small ways, we can agree that everything will eventually be okay and normal again.