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Kirk Cameron Claims Public Schools Are 'Grooming' Kids For 'Sexual Chaos' In Bonkers Video

Kirk Cameron Claims Public Schools Are 'Grooming' Kids For 'Sexual Chaos' In Bonkers Video

Getting kids out of public schools is a huge talking point lately.

Parents are questioning whether their kids are safe as shootings and other acts of violence have become terrifyingly common.

They're questioning the education they'll get as many states have embraced policies that mean they don't actually have to teach the truth because it might make White students "uncomfortable."

They're questioning whether their kids will get to eat, or maybe end up suffering at their teachers hands.

Child actor turned Evangelical Christian zealot Kirk Cameron is worried about kids in schools too. He has been pushing home schooling as an alternative (conveniently, his own network) but not for any of the fact based reasons above.

He released a video full of concerns about public school; but they center on non-issues that have been long dismissed by most as little more than right-wing fear mongering.

By that, we mean things like "sexual chaos," "racial confusion" and the belief teachers are pawns for the "progressive left" who are "spreading a terminal disease, not education."

Also, if your kids go to public school they won't believe the United States is "the freest country on earth."

Kirk Cameron certainly delivered an impassioned rant full of reasons to home school, but it may have had the exact opposite effect.

People had some ... thoughts ... on this clip.

Cameron has not responded directly, but seems to be aware people are calling him out for the content and timing of this particular bit of criticism.