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Would-Be Kidnapper Chased Woman Into Karate School And It Did Not End Well—For Him

Would-Be Kidnapper Chased Woman Into Karate School And It Did Not End Well—For Him

On Thursday, January 3, in Charlotte, North Carolina a man tried to kidnap a woman by forcing her into his car.

Fortunately, she broke free for a moment, just long enough to run into a nearby karate studio, where the sensei was cleaning up for the night.

The woman's assailant then followed her into the dojo—a big, BIG mistake.

The kidnapper followed the woman into Bushiken Karate Charlotte Dojo, where head instructor Randall Ephraim was straightening up.

According to their website, Bushiken Karate Charlotte Dojo style is a "full-contact Japanese style of Karate that enjoys a rich history and tradition. Based off the Teachings of Soshu Shigeru Oyama, we work on improving self esteem, conditioning, focus, discipline and coordination. Men, women, children of all ages and families are encouraged to train. Through Karate-do we seek to help individuals meet their personal and fitness goals."

Sensei Randall Ephraim—a black belt since 2004—has been teaching World Oyama Karate in Charlotte N.C. since 2007.

Ephraim is pictured on the right here, helping a student with their form.

Ephraim told CNN the story:

"There were still some kids in the dojo being picked up by parents and a couple of adult students cleaning up when a young lady came through our doors and stated that someone was trying to harm her."

He went on:

"Shortly afterward, a big male entered the building. Not knowing what he wanted, I assumed he was inquiring about classes."
"I asked how I could assist him and he stated that he was there for the lady. She insisted that she did not know him and [he] tried to kidnap her."

From there, things went quickly downhill...

...for the kidnapper.

Sensei Ephraim explained:

"He then tried to force himself further into the dojo, aggressively pushing and swinging. I then went into action defending myself and got him out of the dojo."
"Once outside he attempted to attack again and was dealt with accordingly."

The unnamed suspect was later taken to a hospital—on a stretcher—to treat his injuries before facing criminal charges.

The man reportedly also tried to fight with police officers once they arrived on the scene, another tactic that has famously never gone well for anybody.

Police Department Capt. JD Thomas commented to local affiliate WSOC:

"It's a great thing the people in there were able to help defend her, extremely lucky that it was a karate studio and usually you don't see a suspect act like this."

The internet is glad the young woman got the help she needed and the man got what he deserved.

Many people would have paid for front row tickets to this fight.

Congratulations, played yourself.

What a great way to "kick off" 2019!

Nothing warms the heart quite like a kidnapper getting beat by a karate master.

Thanks, universe, for making this happen!