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Kid 'Exhausted' From Shoveling Is Instant Internet Icon After Video Of News Interview Goes Viral

Kid 'Exhausted' From Shoveling Is Instant Internet Icon After Video Of News Interview Goes Viral
CTV News Toronto

We're only a few days into 2022, but some of us are already over it.

By "some of us" we mean Carter Trozzolo—the little boy from Toronto, Ontario, Canada whose interview with CTV News has gone viral for perfectly embodying how people are feeling right now.

The province of Ontario, Canada was hit with a major snow storm on Monday, blanketing the area with several inches of snow. CTV spoke to citizens doing their best to cope: one man armed with only some small garden shovels, another plowing snow with an ATV and Carter.

Carter, interviewed while actively shoveling hip-deep snow, had no problem letting us know exactly how he felt about the seemingly-endless shoveling. The colorful Canadian sighed explaining he had been shoveling for his home, but also "neighbors, friends, probably people I even don't know..."

Snow continued to fall through the interview and as he worked—something the young man seemed all-too-aware of.

His earnest over-it-ness spoke to the world.

What started as a brief interview with a wonderfully dramatic kid quickly took on it's own life on Twitter.

The people feel you, Carter.

It wasn't just Carter people fell in love with.

The news team itself earned high praise for this bit on infotainment as well.

And for anyone wondering if Carter is like this all of the time, if Twitter is to be believed, the answer is yes!

The hashtag #CarterExhausted is filled with people who resonated with his energy.

So if you need a dose of Big Carter Energy, that's a solid place to start.

Cheers to you, Carter Trozzolo, for being the hero the people need in 2022.