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Kellyanne Conway Badly Sings Part Of 'You Need To Calm Down' To Mock Taylor Swift And Ends Up Describing Trump

Fox News

Presidential propagandist Counselor Kellyanne Conway sang Taylor Swift's Video Music Award-winning song "You Need to Calm Down" on Fox News Tuesday night, choosing the most ironic line for the circumstances.

Buckle up and watch the video here.

Kellyanne sang the lyrics:

"If you say it on the street, that's a knockout
If you put it in a tweet, that's a cop-out."

In a victory for irony, Conway's boss—President Donald Trump—has tweeted ten times today already, lambasting Fox News, Puerto Rico, the Federal Reserve, UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, New York Times opinion columnist Bret Stephens, and former DNC chair Donna Brazile.

This was all before 1 pm.


Conway's vocal display was in response to Swift's VMA acceptance speech for Video of the Year, in which she called on Congress to pass the Equality Act, which would classify sexual orientation and gender identity as classes protected against discrimination.

Swift urged viewers to sign a petition and gestured that she was waiting on the White House to respond.

Conway criticized Swift's choice to talk politics at the awards show, saying:

"When Hollywood and singers and all go political, it sounds in the moment like it's very popular, and we've seen so many times where it backfires and it blows up."

Conway's boss is a former reality show host.

People agreed that this was just a big ol' mess.

Conway has shown off her vocal prowess before, singing an original song—"Pundette Blues"—in a standup set from the 1990s.

It is truly something.

Kellyanne Conway: Pundit Blues Song


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