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Kellyanne Conway Silences Chelsea Handler & Gun Control Talk

Kellyanne Conway Silences Chelsea Handler & Gun Control Talk

It began when comedian and television host Chelsea Handler tweeted in response to the most recent mass shooting this past Sunday at a Sutherland Springs Baptist church in Texas, which killed 26 people, half of them children. Like many, she was hurt, and angry that our current Republican Congress refuses to do anything to stop these shootings. Later Fox News elicited White House counselor Kellyanne Conway for a response, to which Conway refused to acknowledge the conversation, saying it was "disrespectful to the dead."

Handler tweeted, “Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God and while doing so get shot [and] killed. What country? America. Why? Republicans."

She also complained that the “government watches these mass shootings and does nothing."

While Conway was speaking remotely with Trump's favorite show, Fox News "Fox & Friends," on Monday, the latter read the tweets to Conway in hopes for a response.

But Conway's response was to not engage in conversation with anyone, like Handler, who criticize politicians' failure to enact stricter gun control laws, saying it’s “disrespectful to the dead.”

She was “sorry that we even have to show her Twitter comments” and called them “so beyond any type of reasonable response that anyone should have.” She complained: “People are taking to Twitter in the comfort of their very luxurious lives, pointing fingers.”

Does she realize this exactly what her boss does most mornings?

In addition, Conway said that the “rush to judgment, particularly by people who just see politics and Trump derangement in every single thing they do, it doesn’t help the victims, and it’s disrespectful to the dead.”

Watch the interview here:

At least a few people disagree with Conway.

Troy: "I can't think of a better way to honor them than trying to make sure their deaths weren't in vain."

Arthur pointed out that our current president didn't hesitate to politicize the recent van incident in New York City, immediately whipping up xenophobia, crying out "terrorist," and demanding even more extreme vetting on immigrants. Yet now Trump has yet to say one thing about gun control since Sunday's shooting.

Kurt said what many of us feel about Conway: "Kellyanne you are an accessory to murder by stopping any discussion about this. You say this EVERY TIME. You are a dispicable human being"

Unfortunately, there are many more people out there who disagree with Handler. Twitter did not hold back what they thought, calling her a "nasty woman."

There was much more crude and hateful name calling toward both women.

But at least one person tried to talk about the facts.

Twitter user @PanadoAF wants to counter Conway that it is a Republican Congress and our current president who disrespects the dead, and that it was a Republican Congress in 2004 that allowed the Assault Weapon Ban to expire. There has been a significant increase in mass shootings since.

Marylou Healy offered Conway a hanky.

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