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Conservative UK Media Personality Gets Shut All The Way Down After Derogatory Meghan Markle Tweet 🔥

Conservative UK Media Personality Gets Shut All The Way Down After Derogatory Meghan Markle Tweet 🔥
@KTHopkins/Twitter, @ChrissyTeigan/Twitter

If you've never heard of Katie Hopkins, conservative U.K. "media personality and conspiracy theorist," prepare for a nauseating introduction. Hopkins is known across the pond for her intolerant rhetoric and baseless accusations made in support of her conspiracy-related beliefs. On November 12, she tweeted the following bigoted nonsense:

In her post, Hopkins compares Duchesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Markle recently married into the royal family through Prince Harry, and has attracted huge amounts of negative attention from racists everywhere as the first black member of British royalty. In Hopkins's picture, she wears a similar Remembrance Day outfit to Middleton, which Hopkins cites as evidence of Middleton having more "class." It's not hard to see what she's insinuating:

But one Twitter user decided to leave Hopkins absolutely devastated. After losing a libel lawsuit to Jack Monroe (she was spreading lies about him on Twitter), Hopkins was forced to pay a massive settlement and, as a result, is now facing bankruptcy. The whole situation makes her "can't buy class" statement a bit ironic...

The exchange was witnessed by none other that American media personality Chrissy Teigen, who could hardly contain her delighted shock.

Twitter ate the burn up like a delicious pastry:

If you feel you recognize Hopkins from somewhere else, it may be from this viral picture-set (she's the one who doesn't remember India is a country).

Or you may recognize her from the time she got caught having sex in a field with a married man (now her husband). If anyone knows class, it's Katie Hopkins!

You may also recognize her from the video at Brunel University where a crowd of students came to an event she was appearing at, waited until she started talking, then walked out en masse.

Or this fact check that made clear who exactly she was:

Or this clip of her defending well-known unstable conspiracy theorist Alex Jones:

Or this tweet from just two days ago, November 17, when she openly mocked people of other races and posted a photo of herself in a fake niqab. Her behavior is truly shameful.

Katie Hopkins is an example of the racism and hate that can fester through our media landscape if we aren't vigilant enough to shut it down when we recognize it for what it is. People who base their entire presence on bigotry should not be given a seat at the table of cultural discourse.

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