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Turns Out Kanye West May Have Submitted Signatures For Wisconsin's Ballot After The Deadline

Turns Out Kanye West May Have Submitted Signatures For Wisconsin's Ballot After The Deadline
Rich Fury/Getty Images

The deadline to submit your campaign materials to appear on the upcoming November ballot in Wisconsin was 5pm this past Tuesday, August 4.

It seems that Kanye's West's campaign may have missed that deadline by a matter of minutes.

A widely-circulated video showed Lane Ruhland, representing West's campaign, arriving at the state elections commissions office "just after 5."

After walking in, Ruhland would need to travel up to the third floor, placing her arrival at least another minute after the deadline.

Reid Magney, a spokesperson for the elections commission, said that decisions about whether West's papers were filed in time would ultimately fall on the commissioners.

"That's a question the commissioners are going to have to answer."
"WEC staff will provide the Commission members with a detailed timeline surrounding the filing of the nomination papers as part of its report on ballot access for a future meeting."
"It will be up to the Commission to decide whether the deadline was met."

The commission is made up of three Republicans and three Democrats.

Black Milwaukee officials have publicly denounced West's run as a Republican-manufactured stunt intended to pull Black support away from Joe Biden.

Many noted online that Ruhland is also a Republican operative and attorney for President Trump.

The chances that she's working for West's campaign because she honestly believes he'd make the best President seem slim at best.

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley said:

"We are here to basically say that you cannot fool us. We see what is happening."

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson agreed with the sentiment, saying:

"Kanye West is supporting Trump. Do not be mistaken."

At least five of West's ten Wisconsin electors are connected to the GOP in some way.

Right now, in Wisconsin, Kanye Trump's campaign is one of uncertainty. Whether he's ultimately running to help Donald Trump and whether he'll be on the ballot at all are both unknowns voters will have to grapple with before November.