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Louisiana GOP Judge Begs For 'Forgiveness' After Video Shows Her Repeatedly Using Racial Slur

Louisiana GOP Judge Begs For 'Forgiveness' After Video Shows Her Repeatedly Using Racial Slur
Lafayette City Court

A Louisiana judge has asked for “forgiveness and understanding” after a video was leaked in which she and her family made racist comments.

As Odinet told The Current, early Saturday morning, police responded to a call of an “armed burglary” at the judge’s residence. The suspect was apprehended by Odinet’s family and held down until police arrived.

Police reports do not mention the suspect had a weapon and the charges did not include it was an “armed” burglary.

Video leaked online of what took place after, when the family was watching and commenting on security footage showing the attempted theft and the family stopping it. In what was confirmed by Odinet, the voices heard are her family’s.

In addition to calling the man the n-word, they compared him to a roach, and joked they should have stolen his phone.

Judge Michelle Odinet announced she will be taking an unpaid leave of absence after the news broke.

It can be difficult for people to listen to.

WARNING: racial slurs

Odinet blamed her actions on a sedative she took and the anxiety of suffering an attempted burglary. She also claimed this was counter to how she and her husband live their lives.

However, not everyone was convinced. Earlier this year, the Odinets were at the center of the anti-mask controversy.

Judge Odinet insisted in her court attorneys and clients not wear masks while addressing her. This flabbergasted attorneys who’d never seen anything like it.

Additionally, Odinet’s son, Eli, spoke in opposition to a mask mandate at a Lafayette city council meeting.

It appears the family is a summary of modern right-wing politics.

Judge Odinet announced her unpaid leave of absence through her attorney, who also mentioned she felt “embarrassed and humiliated and sorry for what she has done.”

Online, people are taking steps to have Odinet’s past cases reviewed.