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Joy Behar Tries To Take Back 'Inappropriate' Joke About Gay NFL Player—But People Aren't Having It

The View/ABC

NFL player Carl Nassib made history by being the first active football player in the professional league to come out as gay. In response, The View host and comedian Joy Behar took it upon herself to make a homophobic joke immediately.

Behar made her poor-taste joke about gay sex on the air.

She said:

"After they said penetration in the end zone, they lost me!"

The backlash was immediate.

Behar then attempted to walk back the joke at the end of the segment.

Behar began:

"I just long for the day when you can just be gay in the world, and it doesn't become a big deal."
"By the way, that inappropriate joke I made for daytime television?"
"Scratch it. Make believe I never said it."

However daytime TV was not why the joke was inappropriate.

Equating the sexuality of non-heterosexuals to just the act of intercourse is demeaning and dehumanizing.

Fans were generally dismayed by the joke, believing it to be beneath the caliber of discussion surrounding Nassib.

Even Meghan McCain rolled her eyes.

Behar has not commented on the joke again or apologized to Nassib for objectifying him and mocking his sexuality.

It's Pride month, so if you're planning on making a tasteless joke about gay people, perhaps it's better saved for a different time of year.