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Manager Assures Fans That Jet Li Is 'Completely Fine' After Concerning Picture Makes the Rounds

Martial arts legend Jet Li revealed in 2013 that he's suffering from an overactive thyroid condition called hyperthyroidism, as well as a heart condition and the understandable problems associated with a life of intense physical stunts. A recent photo, posted on Twitter, caused many fans to fear for Li's health. However, a statement from Li's manager says it was simply "a bad photo taken out of context."

Here's the photo that caused such a ruckus:

The photo is definitely startling, especially compared to past pictures.

Fans were fearful for Jet:

Li's manager stepped in quickly, however, to stop any rumors from getting out of hand.

Li is keeping his head high!

But the photo's lighting didn't do him any favors.

Fear not, Jet Li fans! The star is doing fine.

H/T - Twitter, Getty Images