The impeachment inquiry has been filled with twists and turns no one expected.

But there have been a few name drops that shocked just about everyone in attendance.

Among the people making an appearance in witnesses' testimonies?

The Kardashians and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

Who knows how deep Jay Leno goes in President Trump's corrupt schemes?

It also turns out one of President Trump's most incriminating phone calls had a lot to do with A$AP Rocky.

Someday, we will remember the Kardashian's important role in our political process.

This whole situation almost reads like an SNL sketch.

Welcome to the strangest timeline, everyone.

Who knows which celebrity will be brought up next!

My money is on Meryl.

While some rail against any Hollywood connections to Washington DC, the the two have been intertwined for as long as Hollywood has existed. 4 Film Favorites: White House edition quadruple feature available here includes 4 comedic takes on the POTUS: An American President, My Fellow Americans, Dave, Wag the Dog.

National Archives; Disney+

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